Rankpay Scam

Is Rankpay a Scam?

It’s time to understand whether or not Rankpay is a scam. You’ve heard the motto, if it is too good to be true then something must be up.

Well, Rankpay is not a scam. How do I know? I’ve dealt with Rankpay for my sites for some time now and guess what, I’ve had top rankings and only paid after they have gotten me rankings.

Why Rankpay isn’t a scam:

  1. No upfront fees
  2. Pay AFTER rankings
  3. No negative feedback

Let’s go through everything, first Rankpay doesn’t require any upfront fees. There is literally zero risk with Rankpay. If they don’t perform for you in the search engines, then you literally aren’t liable for anything.

As said above, you only pay AFTER you have achieved rankings. That’s the true definition of performance based. Rankpay charges you depending on where you rank. If you rank high in the search engines, then you’ll pay higher then you would for lower rankings. Keep in mind that Rankpay only charges you after you rank in the top 30 positions.

The Rankpay Scam

The only scam that Rankpay has, is that it’s too good to be true. Thankfully it is true and Rankpay provides a excellent experiences. From dealing with the support line, to asking a variety of SEO questions. Rankpay knows their stuff and can work wonders.

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